Graphic charter

In 2022, we have defined a new graphic charter that corresponds more closely to our territory and to the challenges and objectives of the tourism strategy.

The issues

Before we can receive visitors, we must be...

  • Identified: Where are we and who are we?
  • Recognised: To be accepted as having a real value: acquisition of a true, obvious and rewarding image. Without distortion between the desired image, the perceived image and the lived image
  • Attractive: Attractive, conveying a positive, attractive, seductive image.
  • Carrying an imaginary image impregnated with the sweetness of life.

The objective

Our objective: to strengthen our image, to move towards a territory brand with national and European customers (English, Dutch, Belgian...).

The actions

We therefore chose a professional graphic designer, Elsa DUMARTIN (Studio Mund). 

She proposed a palette of main and secondary colours, typography and a revisiting of the logo. We also revised the slogan, with a positioning towards the Périgord in order to be better identified geographically on a national and European scale. 

The result

We now have a visual universe in line with the emblematic elements of the territory: stone, brick, tiles, fields, forest... 

You can download the brandbook by clicking below.

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