Sports for everyone

For the sporty and the curious

Are you looking for one or more activities which also allow you to discover the region? Here are some suggestions you should will certainly like!

Everybody his own sport in the area!

Whether you are a great sportsman or an amateur, there are many sporty activities to do in Cœur de Bastides!

For fans of hiking and making discoveries

Find the trail for hiking, biking or horseback riding that suits you! Go on an adventure in the valley of Gavaudun, through hazelnut and plum orchards, around Lake Lougratte...

If you have never done the walks of Tèrra Aventura, you are missing something! The Tèrra Aventura walks are treasure hunts in nature, done from an app on your smartphone! There are more than 500 Terrà walks in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine, there are 4 in Cœur de Bastides and there are 36 in Lot-et-Garonne!

For the Vin Diesels among us, on two or four wheels

Explore the countryside and the beautiful nature: in the vineyards or in the forest, on cycle routes or small paths, make the most of it!

Take an electric trotte and make a tour in the vineyards or the fields with the Randos de Nico! Do you prefer a quad? No problem with Périgord Loisir Nature! You can also rent (electric) bicycles, with Station Bees in Villeréal.

For those with a lot of courage and a strong heart!

In the Gavaudun Valley

Discover a castle in a different way, with abseiling from a castle, in Gavaudun or in Bonaguil! A unique experience to be so close to the medieval stones and the history.

Practice climbing in Gavaudun, near the castle of Gavaaudun and in the heart of a valley that sheltered the first men! And discover their caves while caving with a qualified instructor!

Move into the sky in this wonderful valley… aboard a hot air balloon! A good idea to appreciate the landscape and get an unforgettable memory of the surroundings.

For freshwater sailors among us.

Are you ready for crazy water adventures ?

Embark in a canoe-kayak: more sporty on the Dordogne river; more quiet on the Lot river, to have a good time with family or friends!

Also discover Hydroplanes and Floating Platforms!

For the modern Robin Hoods

In the trees or on the ground, have fun in the forest, in complete safety!

Go into the trees with accrobranche at Parc en Ciel, escape from your friends with paintball, learn to aim accurately in archery: some crazy days are ahead of you !

For the real Tiger Woods and the Roger Federers

See you on the green or the court for a great tournament or just to have a good time!

We have the Golfcourt of Villeneuve-sur-Lot to play real games for the passionate players, or the Minigolf Fantasia to please young ... and old! And click here to see the list of tennis courts in Cœur de Bastide.