Meeting with Georges Pernoud

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« “I always say that Cro-Magnon Man’s choice for Perigord is not a coincidence!” »

Georges Pernoud

Georges Pernoud
Georges Pernoud is a journalist, TV presenter and producer.

In order to write our 2018 Touristic Guide, Charles met Georges Pernoud, Thalassa’s creator and presenter. This program was broadcasted from 1980 to 2017.

How did you know Coeur de Bastides ?

I know especially Villereal, I go there every summer. By a life’s chance, Pierre-Henri Arnstam is a friend of mine. In this bastide, there are so many things to see, particularly the covered market, where all the summer events happen (bodega, theatre, markets…). I came to like nocturnal horses races because of the friendly atmosphere. I get back to some friends, we have a good timeRacetrack of Villeréal together. The bettings create a special ambience during the meal, which always starts with a beans soup. There is also a horses grooms’ school in the racetrack. The students learn how to take care of the animals : feeding and brushing them, monitoring the foals…

When you live in Paris, what do you miss the most from Coeur de Bastides ?

Well… I would say, my friends! 

What is you favorite local speciality ?

I cook the pie dish, with my grandmother’s recipe : puff pastry, lard, twelve sugar pieces, a little glass of eau-de-vie and, above all, not to fail the cooking!

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What is your favorite restaurant ?

I love eating on the café de l’Europe’s terrace in Villereal.

Do you prefer a fillet of duck breast or mussels with french fries ?

I am fond of these two dishes, but I am partial to oysters.

Do you prefer to sail or to hike in Cœur de Bastides ?

They are not similar, I like both.

This interview ends here, will you be there this summer ?

Of course, I plan to come back to Coeur de Bastides! See you soon!


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