Meet Lesley Waters

« I had a crush for the region ! »

Lesley Waters

Lesley Waters
Cookery teacher, writer

First of all, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Lesley Waters. I’m a cookery teacher & writer from UK. I used to work in a very famous cookery program on the BBC called “Ready Steady Cook”, that’s probably what I’m best known for.

How did you discover Coeur de Bastides?

A couple of lovely students (of Lesley’s cookery school), Pauline and Steve had a property near the village of Castillonnès. They gave me a gift of beautiful prunes soaked in cognac and other delicious specialties of that area and they told me about it. And then they explained to me about Jennie* and her beautiful “château” and they said “Lesley would you like to come and teach?”, and I
answered “well, of course!”. They put me in touch with Jennie and we went over.

Did you have a crush when you visited our area?

Yes I did, mental crush! In fact, my husband and I would like to spend more time in France and especially in your area.

How would you convince a hesitant English tourist to spend holidays in our area?

I would say stunning countryside, everybody is so friendly and helpful, beautiful food, so interesting, so much History, and so much to see!

When you returned to Great Britain, what did you miss most about the region of Castillonnès?

That is a really good question! I think it is the atmosphere. Being in a village with peace and quiet is just a magical feeling. Beautiful chateaux, beautiful bread, beautiful croissant… You really have everything you need in the area. You’ve got places to eat, lovely shops to buy food, little specialize shops, beautiful squares… if you want to go on holiday, you don’t have to go very far and chill out, take your time. In the UK, we spend a lot of our life rushing around… it’s just calmer.

Are you planning to come back and visit us?

Yes! We hope to return. Jennie and I have been in discussion about coming back in September but it will depend of my work commitments in the UK.

This is the end of the interview, thanks a lot! Where can we find you?

You can find me if you go to the Lesley Waters Cookery school - - or Facebook “Lesley Waters Cookery School”, and maybe in Castillonnès in September!

*Jennie is English and owns Hôtel de Cours de Thomazeau, B&B in Castillonnès

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