Meeting with Charlie Cassang

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Charlie Cassang

Charlie Cassang
Professional rugby player in Top 14, with Oyonnax rugby

In order to write our 2019 Touristic Guide, Charles met Charlie Cassang, professional rugby player aged of 24.


First of all, can you introduce yourself to our readers ? Where do you come from ?

My name is Charlie Cassang, I come from Villeréal. My parents managed the OTB and restaurant “Le Moderne” during a very long time. When I was a kid, I always played with my friends under the covered market. For me, this village is full of memories, I’m very connected to it. Today, I live between Clermont and Saint-Eutrope-de-Born, a little village near Villeréal. My grandparents have always lived there.

What is your favorite place in Cœur de Bastides ?

If I had to choose only one, I would answer Villeréal and its carrerots! It’s a splendid bastide, especially thanks to the renovations initiated since a few years. I heard that the village is classified as “One of the Most Beautiful Villages of France”, this is deserved!

To be honest, since this certification, I invested in a property there!

When you come back for a few days, what do you like to do ? 

I always go to my grandparents’ house! Family is very important for me, it’s a real pleasure to see them when I go back home. 

Then, I like to go to Montecristo’s, not because my parents own the restaurant, but I love their pizzas, made by my best friend Enzo Vecchiola. I have to give him a high five and I really enjoy his pizzas!

If Coeur de Bastides would be a dish, which one would it be ?

I love classics : a good fillet of duck breast grilled on barbecue…

Do you have a tip for a tourist who hesitates to stay in Coeur de Bastides ?

I would say that there are a lot of things to discover here! He has to take a stroll in every bastide; I read Anthony Belleau’s interview, [mettre lien] I agree that Monflanquin is a very good point of view… The village of Lacapelle-Biron and the castle of Biron are not far from there. Yeah, you can visit and marvel our beautiful villages!

The interview ends here. Would you accept this challenge : when you score goals, you do a heart with your hands for Coeur de Bastides ?

Ok, I promise! If I score goals, I will do it!


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