Meeting with Annie and Raynald

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Annie and Raynald

Annie and Raynald
70 and 69 years old

They come from Lille and they are happy grandparents of four grandchildren !

 How did you get the idea to come here for your holidays ?



One of our friends comes from Northern France, like us, and he has settled in Montaut, between Monflanquin and Villeréal. One day, he told us “you could visit us a few days, you will see, the area is great!”. We came 2 weeks, it happened 8 years ago and we fell in love with the region ! We come back with a great pleasure, at the end of the summer, every year. The atmosphere is calmer and we prefer it. 

They say that people in the North are welcoming, and what do you think of people in Lot-et-Garonne ?

Yes, people are really warm ! Now that we come regularly, it’s a place where we stay in holidays but we also feel like we were inhabitants. Local people have adopted us!

Now, we recognize each other every year, it is very pleasurable to feel integrated. This is why we love to come here! As time went by, some local people even became real friends. We feel attached to the North because of family and friends, but we love Lot-et-Garonne, we often call to catch-up on the latest news from Coeur de Bastides!

What do you like to do when you come here in Coeur de Bastides ?

I really enjoy to ride a bike! When we see a beautiful path in the area, we plan a few outings. In the afternoon, we prefer to have a rest near the swimming pool. When our energy has come back, we can go out again! We like to visit Biron and Bonaguil Castles… These are so many beautiful things to see. In the evening, Annie loves to stroll on Villeréal square. We find a table to have dinner, and take time to enjoy!

When you say “enjoy”, I think “local specialities”, do you agree ? 

We are very fond of duck, in whatsoever form. Of course, the foie gras… I could bite for a piece of foie gras! We do not forget the good wines of the region!

Annie loves to ask for a fresh glass of Monbazillac wine, with sobriety of course!

What do you miss the most when you come back home ? Except the sun, of course !

In the North, because of the climate, we cannot enjoy the summer evenings, not too hot or not fresh. We are pretty sure to have a good weather here, whereas it is more difficult in the North. Do not forget your shorts when you go to Coeur de Bastides! I really cannot wear trousers in the south! 

Well, as you come from the North : do you say “pain au chocolat” or “chocolatine” ?

At home, we say “pain au chocolat”… but we have a tip in order not to make anyone angry : we speak about north specialities, and we show what we brought from there! Food gets people closer!  

You may have a lot of memories to tell about all the summer holidays spent in Coeur de Bastides ?

So many good memories indeed… but I am very proud of one. I succeeded to give motivation to a group of 25 cyclists. They came from the North by bus. They stayed in Villeréal, in Fonrives Castle for one week. We rode so much through wonderful landscapes, with preserved nature. This week ended with a beautiful evening in Doudrac, with Maître Jacques. I keep a very good memory of these moments because I guided my friends in the region I love. 


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